About Us

Industry Leading Solutions

Armed with over 50 years of cumulative Federal Government experience ranging from Signals Intelligence collection to Tier 1 tactical operations, our staff is uniquely qualified to forge a solution to meet all defense and security requirements.

By leveraging the greatest minds in the industry to enhance our own ingenuity, Hephaestus Security is capable of offering innovative solutions that forge existing technologies, industry standards, and our own technical expertise into integrated full-spectrum security packages which ensure our clients have the resources necessary to protect their digital assets from known threats, provide proactive information assurance to verify security standards are enforced, and to collect actionable intelligence to provide prompt response to those unforeseeable incidents. Our knowledgeable consultants are considered subject matter experts in their field, enabling our firm to apply existing technologies in innovative ways.

Strategic Partnerships allow us to access to subject matter experts and industry leaders all in one place. To learn more about our strategic partnerships, CLICK HERE.

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