Consultant Bios

Kyle Barnthouse

Recent Accomplishments

  • September 2008 -Wrote tutorial explaining how to send One-Time Pad messages that are mathematically impossible to crack.
  • August 2008 -Invited to speak at Defcon about inherent flaws in the cable modem infrastructure that would allow an individual or group to launch a digital 9/11 in a way that could never be traced.
  • Spring-Fall 2008 -Discovered revolutionary way the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other GTOs are sending messages that were until that time undetected by intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies. With the help of a member of the FBI’s CTTF, was able to decode actionable intelligence from several of these communiqués.


  • 1998 -Gained notoriety in the fledgling computer security world by being the first person to isolate and provide samples of the Doly trojan to antivirus companies.
  • 1999 -Had his first textfile, “The Birth of Phreaking,” published on textfiles.com.
  • 2001 -Discovered an auto-rooting worm created by the Chinese government to attack sensitive US Government networks.
  • 2002 -With no prior government training, was made an ITO for the Defense Language Institute/Presidio of Monterey Staff Judge Advocate office. Received a Certificate of Achievement for his service during this billeting.
  • 2004 -Was on the team that translated one of the manuals used by Al-Qaeda to train cell members.
  • 2004 -Graduated from the Defense Language Institute’s Arabic Basic Course with the highest OPI score in his class.


  • DefenceNetwork
  • Defense Industry Network
  • Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center Alumni
  • DLI-FLC Alumni
  • Global Information Security Professionals
  • Homeland Security Professional
  • Project 25 Steering Committee
  • Private Security Professionals
  • US Army Military Intelligence Veterans
  • Young Defense, Aerospace, and Homeland Security Professionals

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