We design and implement full-spectrum security solutions that combine the best products in the industry into an integrated system.

Our firm combines industry-recognized credentials with real world experience in a wide range of specialties. To tailor our solutions, we coordinate a team of subject matter experts with verifiable credentials in their area of expertise with a primary integrator who will advise clients on each recommended facet of their overall security package. While we do not provide a list of current or former clients, letters of recommendation are available by request on a case-by-case basis.

Our goal is to provide you with security assurance, minimize security overhead, and allow you to enjoy the freedom of having one company provide a full-spectrum security solution that includes physical, network, access control, and executive protection options.

All of our consultants are TS-SCI or above eligible, and most have prior military or DOD civilian experience. We maintain strict operating procedures that maintain the integrity and privacy of our clients personal and business data.

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